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Neos – Oracle ADF Specialized Partner

Posted by in News | November 18, 2011

We proudly announce that we once more have confirmed our expertise, and this time in Oracle Application Development Framework. We are the first in Croatia and second in the world to reach the Specialized Oracle ADF Partner status.

The requirements we had to meet in order to become Specialized Partner include a series of certificates proving knowledge and professional skills, and a certain number of successfully completed projects.

In application development, we have been intensively using ADF technology from it’s early stages. Our experience and competence in ADF technology has resulted in our own product that is a business and technological upgrade of the functions that Oracle ADF offers.

Neos ADF KickStart includes enterprise application development methodology and a library of reusable components and modules, thus speeding up and easing the new applications development and transition of already existing ones to the modern technological platform.

The Specialized Gold Partner status in ADF segment as well as BI segment (Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation) is a confirmation of our efforts to establish Neos as a competent, trustworthy, and valuable business partner in the region and beyond.