ADF Runtime Installation

Posted by in Blog | February 27, 2012

Establishing production environment is the final, but probably the most important step in the application’s life cycle. Production environment for ADF application implies application server, but also various settings and resources. As each version of ADF becomes more demanding, it is necessary to follow certain procedures in establishing ADF production environment. This blog will describe the procedure of installation of ADF on WebLogic 10.3.5.

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Getting by with WebLogic JMX

Posted by in Blog | January 2, 2012

The development of application solutions in modern environments sooner or later will point up to the following dilemma: independently develop functionality or use the functionalities environment already provides. Developing application solution in ADF technology has proven to be in need for better control of session management. It seemed illogical to develop our own solution for functionality that has already been implemented in WebLogic. It was time to look into JMX.

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