Java Cro ’13 – 2nd International Java Conference in Croatia

Posted by in News | May 29, 2013

The 2nd International Java Conference in Croatia Java Cro ’13 will be held June 3-5, 2013, in Tuhelj. In 3 days more than 300 participants are expected and conference program includes more than 50 sessions.

For this conference Neos has prepared an interesting lecture on the current topic of integration of social networks into business systems and we would like to invite you to visit the lecture by Tihomir Tomašević and Emina Elezović on June 3 at 15.10 in the Invigo conference room.

Business value of social networks is growing every day. Companies are in search of information about their users so they could be able to further improve their products and services and offer personalized experience to their users. Find out at our lecture how Java, in spite of not having official API support for biggest social networks, can gather data from them and how to convert Big Data into Useful Data.

You can find out more on JavaCro ’13 here and for a more detailed list and schedule see agenda.

Oracle Day 2013 – Your Vision, Engineered

Posted by in News | April 4, 2013

The short version of Oracle Day conference 2013 – Your Vision, Engineered will be held on April 10th in Hypo Center, Zagreb.
The conference will cover interesting topics and offer:

  • Oracle Cloud solutions, big data, social media and mobile solutions
  • Clients’ case studies and successful business transformations
  • Informal meetings with Oracle representatives and end-users
  • Live presentations of new products by Oracle experts
  • OpenWorld latest news about Oracle products and services

As the Oracle Gold and Specialized Partner, Neos is the Gold sponsor of the conference. We are ready for socializing and consultation at our booth and after our lectures:

  • FI Profitability Insight – Multidimensional Profitability Analysis of Financial Institutions – Isbank Turkey
  • Oracle Taleo – HR in the Cloud

Register now for Oracle Day 2013 conference.

Oracle released ADF Object Naming Guidelines

Posted by in News | February 22, 2013

Oracle released document that sets out ADF object naming conventions and project layout guidelines for ADF applications built with ADF Business Components and ADF Faces Rich Client (release 11g and greater). Developers should follow the guidelines, but if they have different preferences and better solutions they can continue with their own practices.

The guidelines will help developers to ease development and maintenance of ADF projects, make ADF code easier to read and understand by providing a frame of reference to the ADF community and be flexible enough to adapt to change.

Guidelines are applicable to multiple JDeveloper versions, easy to refer to and extensible. It follows 2 broad IT conventions in order to create a consistent set of naming guidelines:

  • Convention over Configuration
  • No Hungarian Notation

The whole document cosists of general naming guidelines, workspace and project guidelines, packages and directory structures, followed by specific guidelines for ADF Business Component and ViewController projects.

Neos/ADF KickStart first in Croatia achieved Oracle Exastack Ready status

Posted by in News | December 12, 2012

NEOS/ADF Kickstart has fulfilled the requirements for Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster Ready and became the first product with the Oracle Exastack Ready status in Croatia. This status means that ADF KickStart is fully compliant with Oracle’s Exadata and Exalogic systems which ensure superior performance and the highest level of reliability to customers.

Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle Exalogic Ready, and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster Ready are part of the Oracle’s Exastack Ready program, with which Oracle certifies compatibility of partner solutions with its latest technology platform for corporate IT systems. Exastack’s superior performance platform consolidates IT infrastructure, combining specially adapted equipment, system and application program support. Neos ADF KickStart meets the high standards of Oracle Exastack Ready program, therefore this achievement is a natural continuation of the successful process of ADF KickStart’s continuous development.

This success is not important only to us in Neos, but also to our customers whose applications based on ADF technology will operate reliably on Exadata Database, Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster systems.

17th HrOUG Conference Anouncement

Posted by in News | October 9, 2012

The 17th Conference of the Croatian Oracle Users Group, known as HrOUG, will be held at the Hotel Istra on the Red Island near Rovinj, from October 16th – 20th 2012.

This year the conference is divided into 3 parts:

  • Leaders Circle (part intended for decision-makers)
  • Fusion (includes BPM, DI, DR, DW, BI)
  • Oracle at 17th HROUG (the results of implemented projects presented to Croatian Oracle community).

Within these units, a number of individual activities will take place – lectures, workshops, demogrounds, round tables … We should mention lectures that will be given by international Oracle experts, among others Mr Rajan Krishnan, Vice President Oracle EMEA Applications Development & Product Management, Mr Gregor Rayman, Oracle EMEA, Mr Ugo Pollio, and many other prominent foreign and local lecturers.

Within the traditional Fusion Middleware part, our Matij Srzentić and Mark Arbanas will give a lecture titled “Extremely normalized DW data models.” In addition to the basic characteristics of the data models known for their high degree of normalization and insensitivity to changes in the business environment, they will describe the necessary conditions and modalities of implementation of these models in the database, their strengths and weaknesses when compared to the traditional models.

Krešimir Futivić in his lecture titled “Empirical research on business intelligence in Croatia” will talk about the results of BI research held during 2011. What are the most wanted functionalities in business intelligence applications, what functionalities are of low priority to clients, and many other interesting answers you’ll learn at the lecture.

See you in Rovinj!

Oracle introduces ADF Essentials – free version of ADF

Posted by in News | September 25, 2012

As the strategic framework used to build many Oracle Applications, Oracle ADF is an end-to-end Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) framework that simplifies application development by providing out-of-the-box infrastructure services and a visual and declarative development experience. While the full Oracle ADF framework requires the database giant’s commercial WebLogic Java application server to run, ADF Essentials can be deployed on the open source GlassFish alternative (or IBM WebSphere, if you prefer). General idea is that by giving away the core tools, Oracle hopes to win more developers over to its framework instead of the competition’s.

Available for download through Oracle Technology Network (OTN), Oracle ADF Essentials provides a simpler no cost way to develop enterprise applications with core capabilities:

  • Oracle ADF Faces – a set of more than 150 advanced, Web User Interface (UI) components based on JavaServer Faces (JSF) that simplify the creation of rich Web UIs, including interactive data visualization
  • Oracle ADF Controller – an extension of the JSF controller layer that helps build complete reusable process flows and provides the ability to create dynamic regions with changing content in Web pages
  • Oracle ADF Binding – provides a simplified approach to connecting user interfaces to various business services through an XML-based, meta-data abstraction layer
  • Oracle ADF Business Components – simplifies developing business services against relational databases by providing declaratively-configured, reusable components that implement common design patterns.

Oracle ADF Essentials includes the core features of Oracle ADF, but does not include the following enterprise capabilities that are built into the full Oracle ADF: declarative customization, granular security layer, integration with Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle ADF Mobile.

We are very happy with this Oracle’s move, considering that our product Neos ADF KickStart is running on this exact version and together makes excellent choice for enterprise application development.

Oracle Days 2012

Posted by in News | March 15, 2012

This year’s most important Oracle community event, Oracle Days 2012, will take place on March 21 – 22 at the Hypo EXPO XXI Centre in Zagreb. A large number of participants as well as many interesting lectures are expected during the two conference days, focusing on both business and technology. We will be able to hear all about:

  • The latest innovations as well as Oracle customers and partners success stories
  • New Oracle solutions for computing in public or private cloud
  • New ways to increase IT efficiency
  • Examples of best practices as well as the expert presentations on the introduction of comprehensive and integrated solutions, for hardware and demanding business applications

As the Oracle Gold and Specialized Partner, Neos is the Gold sponsor of the conference. Neos was specifically involved in organizing the conference through the rounded set of support applications:

  • Website
  • Mobile website
  • Admin application for maintaining content, the definition of the agenda, and registration tracking
  • iPad application for registering participants in the fast lane

Oracle Days 2012

Complete technical support was carried out via Oracle technology, while Neos ADF KickStart was used as the basis for creating the admin application.

You are invited to listen to the “Oracle ADF – Expert Point of View” lecture about challenges in developing business applications and technical environments we encounter in  development, by Davor Stanić and Tino Cindrić. The support preparation case-study for Oracle Days conference will be presented within the lecture.

For all details, discussions, or just simple introduction, you are welcome to visit our booth.

Register here.  Do not forget your QR code and see you at the conference!

HrOUG – What was talked about ADF

Posted by in News | October 26, 2011

Although we had expected more lectures on ADF technology, we had an opportunity to hear two, in addition to ours. One of those was held by Patrik Franković from HEP SIT who compared Oracle Forms to ADF components. The other was lecture held by Oracle ACE Steve Muench who gave an overview of the most interesting features of the Oracle JDeveloper 11gR2.
The new version brings us:

  • Increased productivity during the development period (Application redeploy is no longer neccessary, after BC components changes, such as attribute label change. Now it is enough to recompile and refresh browser)
  • Simpler view  of object query testing (query result and explain query plan are immediately visible)
  • Ability to assign default values to unique keys via groovy expression (UniqueIdHelper class)
  • Ability to create custom LOV
  • Ability to group attributes on the view object level upon which the attributes group in UI
  • ADF object types are no longer required for Date and Number data types
  • Better UI components converter, for example group can be converted to Panel StrechLayout
  • Ability to embed templates
  • Visual editor for skin change

We have already used some of these improvements while developing ADF KickStart application. We especially liked the ability to embed templates while we still have to test using groovy expression to assign default values to unique keys. In this way, it is not necessary to bind to the database sequences anymore.

Regarding our own lectures, we wanted to convey our knowledge and experience on how to:

  • Access WebLogic settings and objects from Java classes
  • Facilitate new application development with NEOS ADF KickStart application

The lectures were well attended and useful. More vivid and detailed debates as well as opportunities to network with others were limited due to the restricted lecture time.

Microsite launch

Posted by in News | October 17, 2011

We are extremely proud and happy to launch a new website dedicated to ADF Kickstart. This website is intended for those who want to learn more about the functionalities and possibilities of our development platform and those who do not want to waste time but focus on more specific application development demands. Here you will discover that some processes are no longer painful and time-consuming.

Take a tour of our website and find out more about the application elements, read the latest news from the world of Java development, find out about our educational programs and ways in which we can help you and your professional development.

HrOUG 2011

Posted by in News | October 16, 2011

Croatian Oracle User Group (HrOUG in Croatian) will hold their 16th Annual Conference from October 18th to October 22nd 2011 at the hotel Istra, on the Red Island near Rovinj.

More than 120 events will be presented at the conference, such as lectures, workshops, round table discussions, demogrounds, meetings etc. Particular emphasis will be on traditional Fusion Middleware where you will be able to hear everything there is to hear about Cloud Computing, Exadata, Exalogic and Business Intelligence. Application development tools are an addition to Applications part. A special surprise will be the Java day. Java developers and users will meet for the first time since the beginnings of the conference.

Neos experts have also prepared lectures and workshops for the conference. Within the well-known Fusion Middleware Tino Cindrić will hold a lecture called „WebLogic Configuration Management in Java“ . This lecture will show the programming interface standardization through the Weblogic MBeans structure and demonstrate some practical solutions.

Andreja Sambolec’s workshop is called „Rapid ADF development with Neos ADF KickStart“  and it will show how to approach further application development using NEOS ADF KickStart and how to use the existing module functionalities.