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ADF KickStart: New features

  • Posted on: December 01, 2014

With release of Fusion Middleware 12c Oracle made sure to fix a numerous number of bugs that were noticed in previous versions of their integrated development environment JDeveloper. Beside bug fixes, Oracle introduced a number of enchantments for existing components therefore making available new usage of those components by making them more adjustable. We decided to describe shortly some of the mentioned components.
File Upload is now supporting transfer of large file uploads, multiple uploads, Drag and Drop functionality and progress bar.
Table has been given possibility for freezing right most columns so that a scroll bar appears on the left side of the frozen columns. Both Table, TreeTable, PivotTable and Gantt now allow configuration of paging vs. scrolling via the new scrollPolicy attribute. In addition, PivotTable now provides support for both row and column paging, Split View mode and Attachment mode.
This release also included support for Java Server Faces 2.0, which added new features to ADF, some of which are Facelets, Ajax, Get, new scopes, expression language methods with arguments and adding expression language inside page content.
In addition, Oracle has introduced a completely new palette of innovative components for Application Development Framework as part of their new Middleware. Below, you will find the list of new components with short description.
Treemap and Sunburst components are fresh addition to current Hierarchy Viewer component. They offer different visualization styles to display hierarchy.

Picture 1. Treemap component
Picture 2. Sunburst component

Timeline component is an interactive data visualization that allows users to view events in chronological order. It is provided with navigation for showing specific timeframe.

Picture 3. Timeline component

PanelGridLayout is a more predictable and more efficient layout component that can be used to create all new layouts. This component generates the same markup that meets the CSS3 specs for grid layout so it can be optimized for layout performance. This is now a recommended UI layout component for most pages.
Panel Drawer component renders tabs attached to the side of container component. Clicking a tab opens the drawer containing defined content.

Picture 4. Panel Drawer

Panel Springboard is somewhat similar to Panel Drawer presenting toolbar navigation that can be displayed as tab strip or as grid of icons. Clicking an icon displays its content.

Picture 5. Panel Springboard

Code Editor allows displaying and editing text in a code editor format with line numbers and text highlighting.

Picture 6. Code Editor

Even though we have mentioned a quite number of changes, which came with new Application Development Framework, there are even more enchantments and components available for use, regarding not only ADF but also JDeveloper and more. Full list of changes is available on official documentation.
Latest highlight in 12c is concerning completely new visual representation of existing components. Oracle achieved this goal with introducing Oracle Alta UI in their new version of JDeveloper Simple enablement makes it simple for use in development and to users of the application gives completely new impression of applications developed by Application Development Framework therefore setting higher standards for UI of enterprise applications. With Alta UI pages are simplified with emphasis on graphics which makes them more appealing while ensuring clear data presentation. More on Oracle Alta UI will be available in our next blog entry.